Best group sex practices that you should try

Group sex is very different from sex between two people or a couple. This is because, it involves a lot of new experiences and more people. Some people enjoy it while others do not at all. It is therefore up to an individual to decide on whether to engage in it or not. For those people who are okay with this practice, there are many group sex practices that you can try. All these practices have different experiences and levels of satisfaction. Some of the common practices that you can try are: 

This practice involves three people. The common threesome combinations are: two females and a male and two males and a female. It is up to an individual to choose the combination that suits him or her or that he or she likes. With a threesome, people can do activities that two people cannot manage. For instance, double penetration is possible in a threesome but its not possible between two people. 

This is another common group practice. It involves practicing safe sex outdoors with people around. The people can watch or participate in the sex. This practice appeals to many though some people fear it as it involves strangers. There are forums where people who take part in this practice meet and discuss various things to observe during their meet ups. They also set rules on how to do the whole thing making it more enjoyable and comfortable to most people. 

This practice involves couples who have decided to live their sexuality openly and enjoy sex with other couples. Most couples enjoy this practice as it helps them improve their relationship in general. 

There are many other group sex practices that one can engage in. You can even invent your own practice as a group and enjoy the moment.

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